Iberon Is Now Part of HID®

Iberon’s first-of-a-kind, SaaS-based application suite that makes U.S. government facilities more secure and on-patrol law enforcement officers safer and more efficient is now part of HID.

HID Acquired Iberon

As part of the process to integrate the Iberon brand into HID, the Iberon part of HID’s logo will now start to appear in place of the Iberon logo.

Comprehensive Solutions for ID Verification, Background Screening and Credential Vetting

image of an Android phone

HID NCITE® Checkpoint™

Mobile application for facility personnel & visitor registration and screening

hand holding mobile phone

HID NCITE Mobile Detective®

Mobile app allowing officers to run queries without the need to contact dispatch

computer screen

HID NCITE PassControl™

A complete solution for enrolling and screening facility visitors and personnel

image of software with confirm and deny buttons

HID NCITE Vetting Service™

Enables the submission of queries through state and federal law enforcement databases


HID NCITE Visitor Management System

Automated visitor credential management system designed to streamline workflow, enhance security and improve throughput