Comprehensive solutions for ID verification, criminal background screening and visitor management


HID NCITE harnesses cutting-edge technology for identity proofing, background checks and visitor registration. These automated, easy-to-use solutions enable law enforcement and government entities to maximize security and efficiency when screening visitors or persons of interest while providing the flexibility and agility to stay ahead of emerging threats.

HID® NCITE® Mobile Detective® HID® NCITE® Mobile Detective® Mobile app empowering officers to run criminal justice queries without the need to contact dispatch
HID® NCITE® Pre-Registration System HID® NCITE® Pre-Registration System Powerful online portal for visitor registration and vetting
HID® NCITE® Vetting Service™ HID® NCITE® Vetting Service™ Automated criminal background screening and electronic ID verification
HID® NCITE® Visitor Management System HID® NCITE® Visitor Management System Automated visitor registration and vetting designed to enhance security, streamline workflows and improve throughput

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