PACS Credential Program Terms of Use

HID Global Corporation
PACS Credential Program Terms of Use

These terms pertain to use of credential formats and/or cryptographic keys (“Credential Data” or “CD”) in connection with the HID Corporate 1000, University 1000, HID Elite/iCLASS Elite programs, or any similar HID credential program (“Program” or “Programs”). By submitting the Corporate 1000® Format Request & Authorization Form or HID Elite Request & Authorization Form (“Request & Authorization Form”), you (“End Customer”) agree to these terms. All warranties, rights, and obligations not set forth herein, are as set forth in the purchase agreement or other terms and conditions governing the Authorized Service Provider’s purchase from HID (“Purchase Agreement”).

A. Definition

“Authorized Service Provider” means any third party acceptable to HID that is appointed and authorized by End Customer to receive the CD for the purpose of providing implementation services to End Customer. Authorized Service Provider may also be referred to as “Authorized HID Purchaser” or “Purchaser.”

"Credentials" means data or applications programmed to a card, token, key fob, tag, mobile phone, wearable, or other device, to be accessed by certain Readers.

“HID” means HID Global Corporation.

“Reader” means an RFID device or other discrete hardware, capable of accessing (reading or writing) the data or applications residing in a Credential.

B. Use. End Customer shall only use the CD: (i) as part of End Customer’s and/or its affiliates’ internal facility systems; (ii) for the purpose of deciphering the output of the data stream from a Reader manufactured and distributed by (a) HID; or (b) a licensed HID embedded solutions OEM partner; and (iii) as connected to an entitlements system utilized to process such data stream obtained from HID Credentials programmed with the CD (collectively, the “Purpose”). Credentials programmed with the CD must be purchased from HID through an HID-authorized distributor or reseller. End Customer shall not obtain the CD for use on Credentials provided by any third party, including an Authorized Service Provider.

C. Confidentiality and Ownership. The CD and all documents provided by HID to End Customer constitute HID’s confidential and proprietary information. End Customer agrees to use such confidential information only in connection with the Purpose and will not share such information with any third parties, except for third party service providers that have agreed to terms substantial similar to those set forth herein. HID, or its suppliers, owns the Program and CD, and retains all rights in the Program and CD. End Customer acknowledges that it possesses no right, title or interest in the Program or CD other than the rights expressly granted in the Purchase Agreement.

D. Delivery and Support. HID shall deliver the CD to the Authorized Service Provider(s) designated by End Customer in the Request & Authorization Form to enable the installation of the CD. Subsequent additions or subtractions of Authorized Service Providers shall be done by End Customer via the appropriate Change Form. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Purchase Agreement, End Customer's Authorized Service Provider(s) shall be solely responsible for providing technical support to End Customer in connection use of the CD. HID shall not provide maintenance, updates or technical support to End Customer for the Program and CD, except as otherwise may be separately agreed to by the parties in writing. All updates, if any, which are provided by HID to End Customer shall be subject to the terms of the Purchase Agreement.

F. Remedy. If End Customer violates these terms, HID shall be entitled, without waiving any other rights or remedies, to (i) immediately terminate all rights End Customer has in the CD; and (ii) obtain injunctive or other equitable relief as may be deemed appropriate by a court of competent jurisdiction.