Technology Partner Program

The HID® Origo™ Technology Partner Program is designed to support partners in integrating, testing and marketing holistic solutions using the HID Origo Mobile Access platform via the API/SDK.

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The program aims to provide three core benefits:

  • To expand joint business opportunities
  • To increase market share
  • To accelerate revenue growth

Partner Program Tiers

Depending on where you are in the journey of integrating with the HID Origo Mobile Access platform, we have a tier and associated benefits to support you.

Registered: ideal for partners on the path to building a functional integration with HID Origo.

Select: available to partners offering a solution using the HID Origo API/SDK with Mobile Access credentials.

Advanced: suitable for partners with a large customer base, offering a high-quality, integrated solution with HID Origo.

Elite: premium tier exclusive to industry leaders, with a significant overlap on our customer base, offering innovative and newly integrated HID Origo solutions.

Partner Benefits

One of the many benefits of the HID Origo Technology Partner Program is the ability to develop and test your integration with the HID Origo platform, and receive a global accreditation.

Other benefits include:

  • Early access to technology
  • Insight to the product roadmap
  • Training on new features
  • Accreditation as an HID Technology Partner
  • Joint marketing activities

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Sign up now to become an HID Origo Technology Partner

Complete the form in the link below to register your interest in becoming an HID Origo Technology Partner, and our team will contact you. In the form, make sure to select “HID Origo Mobile Identities” as solution.

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