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Multi-Factor Authentication

Experience the next level of authentication with DigitalPersona, an industry-leading multi-factor authentication software. Unlike traditional MFA solutions, DigitalPersona is compatible with a diverse range of user-friendly authentication factors including security keys, cards, bluetooth devices, OTP tokens, mobile application, and more. This gives businesses an unparalleled freedom of choice, empowering organizations to provide convenient and secure access to sensitive corporate network resources. DigitalPersona’s adaptive nature makes the solution ideal to meet the diverse demands of the market across various industries including the evolving landscape of operational technology (OT) and the transition towards passwordless authentication with FIDO passkeys align perfectly with the capabilities of DigitalPersona.

Key Benefits

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Wide variety of authentication options for flexible security
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Secure access to vital company resources with ease
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Implement Faster

Quick deployment for faster implementation and scalability

Streamlined Access to Critical Resources — Faster

Our software empowers enterprise users to swiftly access their essential cloud applications, including Microsoft 365, VPNs, corporate networks, Windows desktops, Citrix applications, and beyond. Users can effortlessly and securely login to sensitive corporate resources and establish accountability on shared desktops using our solution!

What truly distinguishes DigitalPersona from its competitors is its remarkable capacity to leverage existing IT infrastructure for rapid deployment, enabling it to be operational within hours — not weeks or months. Elevate your authentication experience with HID DigitalPersona, the key to simplified and robust security. Click below to explore all of the ways you can take your digital security to the next level!

Why Choose HID and DigitalPersona

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A broad selection of authentication methods scaled to your business needs
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Meet stringent compliance and regulation requirements with the trusted industry leader
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Frictionless user experience
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Seamlessly define accountability on the activities on your shared workstations
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Defend your organizations against increasing and evolving cyber attacks
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Quick and easiest deployment - operational within hours, not weeks or months

Specialized MFA Options for Your Unique Industry

HID® DigitalPersona® HID® DigitalPersona® Advanced multi-factor authentication solution for workforce
HID® DigitalPersona® for Government HID® DigitalPersona® for Government Protecting employee, contractor and citizen access
HID® DigitalPersona® for Healthcare HID® DigitalPersona® for Healthcare Secure MFA for healthcare environments

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