Where Digital Identity Meets Physical Access

Intersection of Digital Identity and Physical Access

Control who accesses what places, when, for how long and for what reason, as well as who authorizes access. With HID SAFE, global organizations now have the tools to enforce identity governance, comply with rules and laws, and solve security-related challenges that unlock business potential.

Why Choose SAFE

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Streamline — Automate end-to-end identity management processes for visitors, employees and contractors.  

Modernize — Use innovative technology to establish consistency across physical and identity systems and processes.  

Adhere to Compliance — Adhere to compliance regimes and monitor for identity, access or credential improprieties that elevate or change risk factors.  

Key Benefits

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Meticulously crafted to enhance the security infrastructure of organizations
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Industry Specific

Specialized PIAM solutions for aviation, banking, government and healthcare
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Predictive intelligence for reduced risk of future data and security breaches

HID SAFE — Elevating Security in Key Industries

HID SAFE Enterprise facilitates comprehensive identity management for both employees and non-employees in the corporate sector, ensuring top-notch secure access. In sectors like aviation, banking, government and healthcare, HID SAFE provides specialized PIAM solutions tailored to meet industry-specific needs. Explore our industry-specific PIAM solutions to see how HID SAFE is redefining security. 

HID SAFE™ Enterprise HID SAFE™ Enterprise Manage employee and non-employee identities and physical access
HID SAFE™ Facility Analytics HID SAFE™ Facility Analytics Understand workplace occupancy and usage patterns
HID SAFE™ for Aviation HID SAFE™ for Aviation Identity management for airports
HID SAFE™ for Banking HID SAFE™ for Banking Secure management of physical access identities
HID SAFE™ for Government HID SAFE™ for Government Manage identities in federal facilities
HID SAFE™ for Healthcare HID SAFE™ for Healthcare Reduce infection risk and ensure patient and staff safety
HID SAFE™ Risk Analytics HID SAFE™ Risk Analytics Actionable insights to identify and prevent security threats
HID SAFE™ Visitor Manager HID SAFE™ Visitor Manager Modern, enterprise-class solution for visitor management

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