Embedded Modules

Quickly and easily turn devices into secure endpoints


The HID OMNIKEY® Reader Module offering covers a wide range of products that facilitate easy and speedy integration to fit your specific requirements and configurations. Varied credential technologies, multi or single frequency, fast transmission speeds, compact fit, contactless technology — you'll find your answer here.

Enabling OEM Partners to Become Part of the HID Ecosystem

  • Read/write capability to most contactless and virtually any contact access card
  • A ready-to-use reader board
  • Support for all major operating systems
  • Flexible integration options such as CCID, keyboard wedge and UART interfaces
  • Support for low and high-frequency contactless credentials, NFC and Bluetooth® Low Energy for mobile device-based credentials
  • Faster integration — the Developer Tool Kit (DTK) available from the HID Developer Center provides resources that facilitate fast and easy integration, and connects to HID’s extensive community for developers
 HID® iCLASS® eUnit Tag HID® iCLASS® eUnit Tag 13.56 MHz Embedded Transponder
HID® eProx™ Lock HID® eProx™ Lock 125 kHz Contactless Card Reader Module
HID® eProx™ MCM HID® eProx™ MCM 125 kHz Multi-Chip OEM Reader Module
HID® eProx™ Tag HID® eProx™ Tag Proximity Access Transponder
HID® iCLASS® SE™ Reader Module HID® iCLASS® SE™ Reader Module iCLASS SE® reader modules for mobility and connectivity
HID® OMNIKEY® 3121 Reader Board HID® OMNIKEY® 3121 Reader Board USB Smart Card Reader Board for OEMs
HID® OMNIKEY® 5122 Reader Board HID® OMNIKEY® 5122 Reader Board Dual interface smart card PC-linked reader board
HID® OMNIKEY® 5127CK Mini HID® OMNIKEY® 5127CK Mini Embedded CCID and Keyboard Wedge RFID Reader Board
HID® OMNIKEY® 5127CK Reader Core HID® OMNIKEY® 5127CK Reader Core Compact Reader Core for Devices with Limited Physical Space
HID® OMNIKEY® MIFARE® Easy Reader Boards HID® OMNIKEY® MIFARE® Easy Reader Boards Provides read/write contactless payment solutions
HID® OMNIKEY® Multi-ISO HID® OMNIKEY® Multi-ISO Smart Card Module and Reader Board
HID® OMNIKEY® Secure Element HID® OMNIKEY® Secure Element Chip or SIM form factors suited for OEMs

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