HID® iCLASS® 213x Embeddable & iCLASS Prox™ Embedded Card

Smart card for multiple applications
213x iCLASS® Embeddable & iCLASS Proximity Embedded Card

The iCLASS smart card and iCLASS Prox Embeddable Cards include iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless read/write smart card technology with the ability to add the contact smart card module of your choice. Your iCLASS Embeddable smart card can be utilized for such diverse applications as access control, network log-on security, cashless vending, time and attendance and biometric verification.

You can now take full advantage of iCLASS access control capabilities with the myriad of contact and contactless smart card software applications. The iCLASS Embeddable Smart Card meets strict ISO thickness standards for use with direct image and thermal transfer printers.

iCLASS and iCLASS Prox Embeddable proximity smart cards are available in standard PVC card construction, or composite Polyester/PVC construction for more demanding environments. The proximity smart cards can be produced with visual security and anti-counterfeiting features such as holograms, ultra-violet fluorescent printing, micro-printing and custom logos to quickly and easily identify genuine cards.

Key Features of the iCLASS Embeddable & iCLASS Proximity Embedded Cards

  • Designed to be embedded with an optional contact smart chip module of your choice.

  • Enables contact smart chip applications to be added to iCLASS or iCLASS Prox cards in a single ISO standard thickness card.
  • Available in standard PVC card construction, or Composite Polyester/PVC construction for more demanding environments.
  • Offers the ability to add a magnetic stripe, barcode, anti-counterfeiting feature, custom artwork, or photo ID.
  • Meets ISO standards for thickness for use with direct image and thermal transfer printers.

Typical Maximum Read Range*

R10 2.0-3.0" (5.0-7.6cm)

R30/RW300 2.0-3.5" (5.0-8.9cm)

R40/RW400 2.5-4.5" (6.3-11.4cm)

RK40/RWK400 3.0-4.0? (7.6-10.1 cm)

*Dependent upon installation conditions.


2.127" x 3.375" x 0.033" max. (5.40 x 8.57 x 0.084 cm)


iCLASS Card 0.20oz (5.7 g)

iCLASS Prox Card 0.24oz (6.8 g)

Card Construction

Thin, flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) laminate or Composite Polyester/PVC.

Operating Temperature

PVC Cards -40o to 122o F (-40o to 50o C)

Composite Cards -40o to 158o F (-40o to 70o C)

Operating Humidity

5-95% non-condensing

RF Interface

As suggested by ISO/IEC: 15693

Transaction Time

<100 ms typical

Baud Rate

15693 mode - 26 kbps

Memory Type

EEPROM, read/write

Multi-application Memory

2k bit (256 Byte) card 2 application areas

16k bit (2K Byte) card 2 or 16 application areas

32k bit (4K Byte) card 2+ 0r 16+ application areas