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Acuity linen management software reader
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ACUITY is a comprehensive IoT, RFID-based platform enabling real-time inventory availability and visibility over all textile assets, from linen manufacturers to laundry groups — and their customers in the hospitality and healthcare industries.

The innovative ACUITY technology platform integrates RFID tags and equipment with cloud software suites and services. It allows organizations to efficiently identify, track and manage linens, increase profit through reduced operational costs, optimize stock movements and purchases, and improve customer satisfaction.

Linen data is collected, stored, analyzed and managed in real-time through RFID-enabled equipment. ACUITY transforms the RFID data into rich, interactive dashboards and reports, providing a comprehensive overview of linen stocks by article reference or individual items, or by zones in your facility and customer sites. The system significantly improves linen life-cycle management, optimizes wash schedules, anticipates deliveries, identifies lost or misplaced items and manages cage assets as well.

Digitalize your laundry processes: get all the benefits from an efficient and user-friendly system, designed to be integrated into users’ existing laundry processes and enterprise resource planning software. Benefit from the most competitive RFID tags and reader equipment, all supplied by the leading RFID provider.

Streamline & automate laundry operations: improve laundry production planning, reduce shortage scenarios and anticipate customer requirements.

Cut labor costs: eliminate manual counting and record-keeping. Increase throughput by automating sorting and shipment validation processes.

Strengthen customer relations: eliminate shipping / delivery errors and disputes between laundries and their hospitality customers. Improve customer interactions through a dedicated web portal for order management and fulfillment, order/delivery/pickup/inventory/stock visibility status, as well as direct laundry chats for specific requests.

Reduce linen losses & save on linen purchases: control customer-owned and rental inventory at item level. Accurately track and monitor linen usage and lifecycle durability. Increase customer linen rotations to reduce your overall inventory capacity and eliminate dormant stocks.

Improve daily business decisions with real-time actionable information: access our cloud-based platform for real-time dashboards and reports on your linen stock levels, laundry cycle flows and trends on linen usage by your customers. Leverage the benefits of data generated by RFID technology to optimize your business decisions, improve your business model and be more competitive.

Solution Components

ACUITY, our proven, advanced linen management technology platform, integrates powerful software suites, RFID tags, hardware and services, to adapt to evolving requirements of linen stock volumes and multiple site deployments.

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HID’s ACUITY linen management platform enables real-time inventory availability and visibility over textile assets — from linen manufacturers to industrial laundry groups and their customers in the hospitality and healthcare industries. Explore the ACUITY line of solutions and discover how to meet the needs of your most complex linen inventory challenges.

Industrial Laundry
With a clear vision over your customer linen stocks, you can focus on reducing total cost of operation and make better business decisions.

Real-time visibility into your linen availability allows you to focus on customer experience.

A secure and reliable linen management service enables you to focus on patient care.

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