Card operating systems for public transport
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HID's SOMA Atlas chip operating system platform is designed to address a diverse set of applications and solve multiple access control use cases, especially for transport operators. Innovative architecture allows users to combine secure access functionality across transportation, events and tourism venues. Additionally, e-purse and other applications can be integrated into the OS.

SOMA Atlas is certified Calypso PRIME and Calypso LIGHT and can support the previous Calypso versions (Calypso Rev 1 & Rev 2).

SOMA Atlas KIAT® is a specialized multi-application operating system developed by HID. SOMA Atlas combines the multi-application capabilities of KIAT with the advantages of the international Calypso Prime Rev 3 (3.1, 3.2, 3.3) standard for ticketing and is the ideal choice for transportation and secure multi-application smart cards.

The Calypso Light Application (CLAP) helps public transport operators reduce costs. Our solution offers the same security of a full Calypso product, but at a very competitive price. The CLAP solution in the form of a paper ticket is designed to replace traditional memory-only offerings adding advanced security features. HID was awarded for developing the first certified CLAP implementation worldwide.

SOMA Atlas 4Digital SDK is the world’s first Calypso certified software development kit to enable implementing secure and convenient transport tickets on mobile phones that support host card emulation (HCE) via their NFC function. HID was awarded in 2022 for developing the first multi-applications/single wallet architecture with HCE worldwide.

All operating systems can be embedded in various, optionally customized and/or personalized, form factors such as: paper tickets, smart cards and key fobs. The SOMA Atlas 4Digital SDK enables virtual tickets on HCE supporting phones (Android).

Key Features

  • Reliable Performance — Innovative development, integration and quality testing
  • Versatile — Addresses multiple markets and applications
  • Scalable — Seamless operation, concurrent applications
  • Mobile ready — SDK supporting mobile credentials via host card emulation (HCE)
  • ISO 7816-4 compliant data structure
  • Active authentication / PIN
  • Transaction Management (KIAT, Calypso)
  • Secure messaging
  • Secure proprietary e-purse
  • Roll back functionality
  • SOMA Atlas 4Digital SDK enabling virtual Calypso tickets by HCE
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