HID® BluTAG HF Laundry Tag

Small, high-performance HF tag for textile items
HID BluTAG HF Laundry Tag

BluTAG high-frequency (HF) radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag offers superior performance and reliability in the identification and tracking of textile products in industrial environments. BluTAG is one of the sturdiest and most resilient encapsulated HF tags available on the market today. It has been specifically designed for industrial textile products, including garment and uniform identification in rough industrial laundry environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Extremely robust, designed for harsh laundry processes
  • Outstanding HF read performance
  • Optimized coat/quality ratio

The BluTAG HF RFID tag is part of the HID Textile Services linen inventory management solution, ACUITY.

Specifically designed to reliably identify, track and trace textile items in the laundry, hospitality and healthcare industries. Encapsulated in light blue PPS material for optimal robustness. Resistant to harsh laundry processes, including tunnel washers, water extractors (up to 60 bars), tunnel finishers, tumblers and ironers (up to 392°F). Can be sewn into textile products either in the hem, inside a fabric pouch or heat sealed under a patch.

Key Specifications:

  • 13.56 MHz, ISO 15693, ISO-18000-3
  • High water, chemical, heat and pressure resistance
  • Guaranteed to withstand 300 commercial washing cycles
  • Chip reference, chip ID and fab out date laser engraved

For more detailed specifications, please download the datasheet.

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