HID® Commander

Mobile Device Management and EFT Transmission Server
HID Commander on laptop screen

HID Commander is a multipurpose software that manages biometrically connected mobile devices used for mobile identification, as well as manages Electronic Fingerprint Transmission (EFT) records sent to local, state and federal agencies.

In conjunction with the HID ArcID™ Mobile application that runs on mobile devices, HID Commander provides customers with a complete solution for deploying and managing remote identification of subjects in the field.

Key Benefits:

  • Centrally manage a fleet of mobile devices for your agency or organization
  • Easy to use with configurable workflows for optimal efficiency
  • Offer support for multiple submissions from a mobile device to route biometric record submissions and receive responses to/from multiple state, local and federal agencies
  • Keep mobile devices up to date, ensuring you meet all compliance requirements
  • Provide enhanced security for all transactions that meet FBI CJIS security policies