HID® DigitalPersona® for Healthcare

Secure MFA for healthcare environments
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Enhance Care and Protect Patient Data

Healthcare professionals need secure ways to get immediate access to protected health information (PHI) and applications, from any workstation, at any time. Efficient security measures create more time with patients, higher quality patient care and more satisfaction among clinical staff and patients. IT requires a solution with greater security control that can easily achieve compliance with regulations, while preserving the workflow for doctors and nurses.

DigitalPersona advanced multi-factor authentication helps healthcare organizations to:

  • Eliminate common and shared passwords — ensuring each user has unique credentials
  • Use strong authentication for PCs and shared kiosks — incorporating biometrics and other strong authentication factors that do not require password memorization at shared workstations
  • Simplify application access with single sign-on (SSO) — allowing seamless log in to all clinical applications from any computer
  • Extend security to a virtualized environment — securing and simplifying access for users roaming across computers that authenticate into a virtualized desktop environment
  • Link security with user provisioning — seamlessly deploying credentials and applying security policies to new users
  • Allow for monitoring and audits — ensuring that your authentication solution enables an audit trail compliant with HIPAA, HITECH and other regulations

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Balance Security With a Zero-Touch Experience

With heightened precautions in today’s healthcare environment, DigitalPersona can provide a zero-touch experience. Enroll in biometric factors such as face recognition or fingerprint identification to authenticate even while wearing an N95 mask or surgical gloves.

Something you know Password PIN Something you are Something you have Fingerprint Face Combine with native MS Windows ® functions Smart Cards Access Cards • Writeable • Smart • Proximity Bluetooth Device One-Time Password FIDO 2 Authenticators Where you are IP Address When you act Time frame


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HID DigitalPersona Is Now TRUE Certified

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