HID® Embeddable RFID for Industry and Logistics

Embeddable transponders that can RFID enable almost any product
HID Embeddable RFID for Industry and Logistics

With a variety of integrated chips, HID Global offers a range of Embeddable RFID transponders in LF, HF and UHF frequencies to OEM manufacturers. Embeddable RFID tags are available in various form factors for incorporation into finished, customized solutions for automation, product consumables or electronic calibration applications at manufacturing time.

Disc-shaped RFID transponders easily integrate into any enclosure where a circular chip and antenna configuration are preferred.

When a rod form factor better suits the housing requirements, HID's E-Unit Rod transponders provide the same high-performance coil design that is at the core of the HID Glass Tag family. These rod-shaped units may also be preferred when a more precisely directed radio frequency field is needed.

Embeddable RFID speeds up development time and reduces time to market for any OEM who wants to “RFID enable” his product. The required RFID design and manufacturing expertise is provided by HID Global.

Key Features:

  • Customizable - choose a size, chip and a disc or rod to fit any custom enclosure.
  • Unsurpassed quality - fully automated manufacturing and direct-bonding technology ensure RFID transponder reliability.
  • Reliable operation - built to withstand the rigors of tag processing, including plastic injection molding.

Learn more about HID Global's full line of RFID Technology Solutions.

  • A selection of housing materials to meet a variety of production process demands
  • A multitude of available integrated chip options
  • Embeddable in a broad spectrum of materials

For more detailed specifications, please download the datasheet.

HID Embeddable RFID for Industry and Logistics
HID Embeddable RFID for Industry and Logistics
HID Embeddable RFID for Industry and Logistics
HID Embeddable RFID for Industry and Logistics
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