HID® EXO Pro Tag™ RFID Tags

Highly robust, all-purpose RAIN® UHF tags

HID Global’s EXO Pro transponders are the most advanced general-purpose RAIN® RFID UHF tags available. Choose from options that mount on metal or any material while enabling read ranges of up to 36 ft (11 m).

EXO Pro devices improve data collection speed and accuracy for logistics applications, while making tracking more cost-effective. Members of the EXO family are highly rugged to withstand impact, high-pressure washing IP69K or chemical disinfection.

The tough and versatile EXO Pro Tag transponders are available for mounting on metal, plastic or wood using standard screws, rivets, industrial adhesives or welding. The tags are lightweight, waterproof and resist high pressure/high temperature washing conditions.

EXO Pro tags provide the durability of an encased RFID tag in a small footprint for harsh environments with some of the options in the range being the most rugged tags on the market, even withstanding a “sledgehammer test”.

Key Features

  • Extreme durability — resistant to outdoor elements as well as blunt and sharp impact
  • Multiple mounting options — glue, screw, rivet or weld
  • Enhanced reliability — read-write on any material, up to 36 ft (11 m)

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  • Worldwide operating frequencies from 860 to 960 MHz + optional NFC
  • Fully interoperable; standards compliant
  • Reliable performance on both metal and non-metal surfaces
  • Waterproof under high pressure/high temperature conditions; chemical and impact resistant
  • Mounting options include nails, screws, rivets, welding and glues
  • Large memory of up to 512-bit user memory and 128-bit EPC; 2560 bit HF/NFC

For more detailed specifications, please download the datasheet.

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