HID SAFE™ for Government

Manage identities in federal facilities
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Key Features

PIAM for Government Agencies

Government agencies are often geographically dispersed, utilizing multiple and disjointed physical access control systems (PACS), along with multiple directories or authoritative systems. They have complex processes to manage and track before access may be provisioned to an individual, including mandated trainings, background checks and other required documentation. In addition, the current physical security infrastructure is not capable, in most cases, of managing information from personal identity verification (PIV) cards to establish a common identity of the cardholder across government agencies.

Given this complexity, enrolling and managing PIV cardholders into the PACS and biometric systems can be a daunting task. Physical access grants, revocation of access rights, on-/off-boarding processes, visitor management, audits and compliance management processes are all manual in nature and not standardized across agencies. This leads to a high cost of security operations and additional levels of risk.

Now more than ever, the need for a system that manages physical identity and access management across a diverse government PACS infrastructure — providing end-to-end identity lifecycle management — is paramount.

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Policy Access Provisioning

HID SAFE for Government provides a policy-based approach to managing and enrolling PIV cardholders into diverse PACS. This approach enables the flexible enrollment, validation and processing of individuals gaining temporary or long-term access to a given facility — along with a policy-based approach to guard against fraud that fosters real-time audit and compliance — without changing the existing physical security infrastructure.

HID SAFE for Government allows:

  • Single and centralized rules-based processes for access privilege provisioning and ongoing access management within and across agencies
  • Enrollment of the newly issued PIV credentials in diverse PACS, including biometric/biographical data capture from the PIV card
  • The defining of privilege-based rules to automate complex physical access provisioning processes
  • Web-based visitor enrollment and management for PIV and non-PIV cardholders
  • Complete auditing and reporting, from the transaction level to the executive dashboard

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