HID® Seos®/iCLASS® 522X

Dual-technology smart card
HID Seos/iCLASS 522X

HID Global’s dual-technology smart card is the perfect solution for environments where legacy reader technology is in place and the move to advanced, more secure technology is desired.

This versatile smart card is interoperable with all legacy iCLASS, iCLASS SE® and HID Signo™ readers, meaning it is the perfect tool to facilitate the move to more secure access control under nearly any circumstance! Migrations credentials allow the convenient replacement of readers gradually as time and budget allow. Once the transition is complete, the benefits of enhanced security, privacy and functionality powered by Seos can be fully realized.. Features enabled through advanced technology include secure access via mobile device and the ability to efficiently manage multiple applications.

In addition to physical access applications, this multi-technology card supports secure, private network access via one-time-password (OTP). Offer convenience beyond the door with this robust access control solution.

Versatile: Supports iCLASS and advanced credential technology powered by Seos, allowing seamless migration to a higher standard of security and functionality.

Robust: In addition to supporting physical access, this single card solution powered by Seos also supports secure, private network access via one-time password (OTP).

Convenient: Save time and resources by managing a one card credential solution instead of two separate cards.