HID® Lumidigm® M-Series Fingerprint Modules

Affordable multispectral biometrics for faster throughput and security
HID Lumidigm® M-Series Fingerprint Modules

Access control devices, time and attendance clocks, and self-service kiosks must work for real people. Throughput is crucial. Every person must experience the same easy and convenient single touch and go experience. No matter if their finger is extra dry, extra oily, damaged, aged, dirty or wet.

The Lumidigm M-Series Fingerprint Module prevents buddy punching, badge sharing and badge renting. Patented multispectral imaging (MSI) identifies and rejects fake finger attempts. Preventing biometric sharing and the use of fake fingers.

Integrate M-Series fingerprint modules into your devices to:

  • Faster throughput improve productivity — Multispectral fingerprint imaging works in all environments, consistently capturing high-quality fingerprint images even when the finger is dry, wet, dirty, damaged or aged in strong light. eliminating lines caused by false rejections.
  • Strengthen security — Prevent fraudulent use of shared fake or stolen biometric data with patented high-performance MSI liveness detection, encryption and physical tamper detection.
  • Deliver matching accuracy — Be confident that only legitimate users are authenticated with reliable 1:1 matching and 1:N search.
  • Reduce footprint – Compact module for applications with limited space and real estate.

M-Series modules bring proven multispectral fingerprint imaging to demanding yet cost-sensitive applications, with development tools that help speed your time to market.

Lumidigm M-Series Fingerprint Modules deliver proven multispectral fingerprint authentication, outperforming competitive fingerprint technologies, especially if users’ fingers are dry, wet or dirty.

Key Features:

  • HID patented Lumidigm Multispectral Imaging (MSI) technology provides reliable capture for real-world productivity
  • HID MSI works on the most difficult finger types – wet, dry, aged, damaged and oily
  • ISO/IEC 30107-3 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) certified liveness detection prevents the use of fake or stolen biometric data
  • Support for Windows, Linux and Android operating systems
  • HID provides the top-ranked MINEX III algorithm and supports 1:1 matching and 1:N searching on‑device or on the USB host

When knowing “who” matters, affordable and compact M-Series fingerprint modules are easily integrated into your device to deliver productivity, security and accuracy for your real-world applications.