HID® NCITE® Visitor Management System

Automated visitor registration and vetting designed to enhance security, streamline workflows and improve throughput
HID® NCITE® Visitor Management System

The HID NCITE Visitor Management System transforms traditional error-prone and inefficient visitor management processes at US government facilities into automated, highly secure operations. With the NCITE Visitor Management System, you can vet visitors efficiently and securely any time criminal background checks and/or electronic ID verification are required. 

Operating as a standalone solution or integrated with an existing access control system, the NCITE Visitor Management System automates the process for registering and vetting visitors to bases or facilities, enabling visitors to receive a pass quickly without human intervention.

Visitors can conveniently pre-register online prior to their visit, or opt to utilize the self-service kiosk available at the facility for on-the-spot registration. Additionally, facility administrators have the flexibility to create special events or issue sponsored passes, delivering additional efficiency and oversight to the visitor registration process. 

Once access is granted, the visitor can proceed to an access point and have their credential scanned by HID NCITE Checkpoint™. NCITE Checkpoint is a handheld Android™ application that rapidly scans and authenticates credentials issued to visitors. With a simple, intuitive interface, the NCITE Checkpoint app streamlines the check-in process, ensuring a smooth experience for both visitors and guards. 

HID has over a decade of experience with criminal justice system automation and is a strategic partner of the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS), which helps ensure strict compliance with CJIS Security Policy.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate: Biometric facial matching of the kiosk photo compared to the visitor’s state ID or passport (or image returned from the state DMV or equivalent)
  • Fast: The entire process takes less than two minutes
  • Efficient: Approximately 80% of visitor passes require no human intervention, improving efficiency and minimizing visitor traffic bottlenecks
  • Secure: Physical ID authentication combined with electronic validation provides the highest level of fraudulent ID detection
  • Data Rich: Visitor registration data, such as tracking of reasons for denial, is instantly available, facilitating the creation of reports and dashboards for leadership