HID® OMNIKEY® 3121 Reader Board

USB smart card reader board for OEMs
OMNIKEY 3121 Smart Card Reader Board USB for OEMs

If you’re looking to embed OMNIKEY technology into your application, the OMNIKEY 3121 reader board is the way to go. As a convenient plug-and-play component designed to facilitate easy device installation, OMNIKEY 3121 reader board offers USB CCID support which makes integration into an existing system simple. It can be used across diverse applications and is well suited for all contact smart card operations, including single sign-on, online banking or digital signature applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to install: Uses native supported CCID drivers within the operating system, so you don’t need to install drivers
  • Readily compliant: Meets all relevant industry standards, so integrating it into a PC environment is a smooth process
  • Convenient and reliable: A host of features like multiple-base mounting options, robust housing and a long USB cable make its usage convenient and also ensure that it is reliable at all times 
  • Suits any application: Compatible with virtually any smart card, major PC operating system and a variety of applications

The OMNIKEY 3121 reader board has a host of features that make it extremely useful to your operations, including the following:

  • Driver platform identical to housed product
  • High speed data transmission:
    • PC — 12 Mbps (USB 2.0 Full Speed)
    • Card — up to 420 Kbps
  • Mounting bracket available
  • PCB includes mounting holes
  • Meets major standards including ISO 7816, EMVCo and Microsoft WHQL