Contactless high frequency smart card reader

The OMNIKEY 5022 contactless reader is an ideal solution for financial services, enterprise, government and other organizations seeking higher security and access management. 

For environments with stringent hygiene requirements, OMNIKEY 5022 reader provides an IP-67 level rated variant that is designed for easy disinfection and well-suited for compliance-driven industries including cleanrooms, healthcare, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and biotechnology.

This contactless smart card reader eliminates the need to install drivers, and can be used with standard PCs and workstations, as well as with thin and zero clients. It can also be used to meet security and regulatory compliance requirements, which mandate two-factor user authentication for accessing workstations and applications.

Key Benefits:

  •  Leverage existing employee badge: It helps you use existing physical access cards for other access purposes as well, such as computer log-in, network and cloud access
  •  Ideal choice: It can be used with standard PCs and workstations, as well as with thin and zero clients
  • Optional features: Anthracite or blue covers, cable length and USB connector options, a mounting kit including a mounting plate, screw and glue options, as well as a card holder for card presence requirements
  • IP-67 rated variant for highly sensitive environments: It ensures minimal particle and chemical contamination, ideal for medical device manufacturing, university research, cleanrooms, and other controlled environments
  •  Interoperable with several smart card technologies, tags, and NFC-enabled smart devices including FIDO2
  •  Supports CCID driver and all standard ISO 14443 A/B and ISO 15693 credentials
  •  Integrated and tested with HID ActivID® ActivClient®, ActivID Applets and HID Trusted Tag® Service
HID® OMNIKEY® 5022 Contactless High Frequency Smart Card Reader