HID® Passport Datapages

Customized datapage solutions to address the unique profiles and requirements of each nation
passport page

HID datapages convey and protect essential information to streamline global travel and allow passport programs to balance security and convenience. Our datapages feature advanced, multi-function technology manufactured with the most durable, tamper-resistant materials available.

Datapage Manufacturing

During the customized manufacturing process, a sophisticated layer of complex security features and technical specifications are blended with unique design elements to adhere to strict appearance, functionality and security requirements.  

Datapage Types

Datapages can be customized to meet any customer requirement and are available in multiple thicknesses — with or without RFID functionality. They are available in three formats:

  • Paper Datapage — The most cost-effective option, paper datapages are composed of data printed on paper protected by a laminated cover
  • Polycarbonate (PC) Datapage —The most state-of-the-art datapage, PC datapages are personalized by laser engraving, which provides advanced data protection and a high-definition portrait. PC datapages have the option to come with or without a chip and chip operating system (COS).

Key Features of PC Datapages:

  • Robust durability, document resiliency of up to 10 years with patented Crack Prevention Feature (CPF)
  • Enhanced reliability, secure contactless technology and proven antenna design for optimum chip performance
  • Assured compliance that exceeds relevant ISO and ICAO standards