HID® pivCLASS® Validation Workstation

Standalone validation solution – supports PIV, PIV-I, CIV, TWIC, FRAC and CAC credentials
pivCLASS Validation Workstation - PIV Credential Verification

HID’s pivCLASS Validation Workstation is an award-winning solution designed to assist security personnel in validating PIV, PIV-I, CIV, TWIC, FRAC, and CAC credentials and verifying cardholder identities.

Deployed on a PC or laptop, the Validation Workstation performs a three-step authentication process to help verify that the credential was issued to the person presenting it.

During this process, it executes the following;

  • Conducts cardholder PIN match-on-card
  • Generates a cryptographic challenge to the card, which helps to ensure the binding of the credentials to the card
  • Captures a live fingerprint image
  • Compares the resulting template with a signed template encoded on the card

In TWIC environments the pivCLASS Validation Workstation can be configured to verify that the cardholder's credential is not on the current TWIC Canceled Card List (CCL). The CCL can be imported, or can be accessed directly if the desktop has Internet connectivity.

For auditing, the credential validation session is logged to an encrypted, serialized data file. The contents of the file can be exported to a removable file system, such as a flash drive.

System requirements:

  • Intel-based PC with minimum 1.8 GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 40 GB hard disk is certified on:
  • Microsoft® Windows 10, 8.1, and 7
  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2016, 2012, and 2008
  • Requires USB-based PC/SC smart card reader
  • Biometric capture/matching is optional; if used, select MSO300/350/1300/1350, Identix BTO-500, Secugen Hamster IV, Lumidigm Venus, Cogent CSD301, or UPEK single fingerprint capture device

Options: pivCLASS Validation Workstation Audit Trail Option:

Enables pivCLASS Validation Workstation software to upload a record of each credential verification transaction to a centralized database. On the server side, the Audit Logs reporting tool includes several canned reports and provides an easy to use SQL editor for generating your own queries.

pivCLASS Passage Option:

Allows a PC or a mobile reader to send a Wiegand signal to a control panel to open a door or gate after a successful card validation. It can be used with either pivCLASS desktop software or OMNICheck mobile software. pivCLASS Passage consists of Passage Software and Passage Converter Board, both of which are required.