HID® Reader Manager

Manage HID Signo™ & iCLASS SE readers from a mobile app
HID® Reader Manager

HID Reader Manager is a powerful tool that enables management of HID Signo and iCLASS SE Readers in the field. Say goodbye to configuration cards, as HID Reader Manager introduces the capability to update and manage readers with a mobile device via Bluetooth®. Simply scan the area and select the reader you wish to configure. From there, you can update firmware, load keys, adjust audio visual settings and much more. The HID Reader Manager application is available to download for free from the following locations:

Key Features:

  • Update Reader Firmware in the Field – Empower reader technicians with the capability to introduce new functionality and security enhancements to HID readers post installation via firmware update
  • Load HID Elite and Mobile Keys – Securely authenticate and manage HID reader keys, including the capability to roll standard to HID Elite custom authentication keys for additional security
  • Enable and Disable Credential Technologies – Close the gap and complete a migration to secure credential technologies (such as Seos® and Mifare DESFire EV3) by disabling reader support for legacy credential technologies
  • Personalize Every Reader – Adjust LED colors to match up with corporate themes or enable powerful features such as Intelligent Power Management to reduce power consumption

Compatible HID Readers:

  • HID Signo Readers
  • Bluetooth capable iCLASS SE Readers*
  • Bluetooth capable multiCLASS SE Readers*
  • iCLASS SE Express Readers

* See “Appendix A - Reader Upgrade” of the HID Reader Manager Solution Guide for more detailed information on reader compatibility. Incompatible HID Readers:

  • HID Signo Biometric Reader 25B (uses HID Biometric Manager instead)
  • iCLASS SE RB25F (uses HID Biometric Manager instead)
HID® Reader Manager inspection report
HID® Reader Manager inspection report
HID® Reader Manager inspection report
HID® Reader Manager BLE settings