Smart card reader – wall switch keypad with biometric
iCLASS SE RKLB40 reader

The iCLASS SE® RKLB40 is part of HID Global's iCLASS SE platform for adaptable, interoperable access control. Designed for door applications requiring multi-factor authentication including biometric templates on iCLASS Seos® , iCLASS SE, iCLASS®, iCLASS SE® RKLB40 supports a broad array of credential technologies and a variety of form factors, including cards and fobs.

Key Features:

  • Adaptable – Interoperable with a growing range of technologies (iCLASS Seos®, iCLASS SE, iCLASS®, MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire®EV1) and form factors.
  • Powerfully Secure – The iCLASS SE platform’s Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) data model provides an extra layer of encryption for additional protection of identity data

With a focus on sustainability, iCLASS SE platform readers include intelligent power management that reduces power consumption by as much as 59%. Selected models also have Environmental Product Declaration certification and Green Circle certification, which contributes toward LEED building credits.

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  • 4.8” x 6.1” x 1.2” (12.2 cm x 15.6 cm x 3.0 cm)

13.56 MHz contactless smart cards supported:

  • iCLASS Seos® , iCLASS SE, iCLASS®, MIFARE® Classic, and MIFARE DESFire®EV1


  • Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) mode
  • Wiegand or Clock & Data modes


  • Warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for one year. (See complete warranty policy for details.)