HID® Sense Asset+ Industrial

Ruggedized, multi-technology, battery powered IoT device, that supports both indoor and outdoor tracking of assets
HID® Sense Asset+ Industrial

The HID active tag Sense Asset+ Industrial includes LoRaWAN connectivity protocol as well as Bluetooth® Low Energy and GPS capability. The device is a highly-efficient, battery powered IoT tracker. With the aid of the onboard accelerometer, the device detects when it starts to move and will transmit a LoRa message to the backend to indicate that it is no longer in its original position. Once the device comes to rest it will initiate the configurable positioning engine which can activate Bluetooth® Low Energy based positioning when indoors or activate its GNSS receiver when outdoors to acquire the new position of the device and will transmit this to the backend over LoRaWAN. The device also has a configurable heartbeat LoRa payload which can be sent periodically to inform end users of the battery life and state of the device.

To aid with locating a specific asset within a rack or storage location, the device’s bright LED and buzzer can be activated either via Bluetooth® Low Energy or via a LoRa downlink command to activate the alert service. NFC enabling configurable parameters are encoded into the device. NFC configurable settings include GNSS and accelerometer thresholds, Bluetooth® Low Energy power, Alert (LED and buzzer) duration and setting, in addition to LoRa network and regional parameters.

The ultra-rugged construction of the device makes it suitable for a wide range of IoT applications. HID Sense Asset+ Industrial is ideal for applications requiring medium to long-range tracking such as mining, laydown yard management or asset management, and can be used for tracking of industrial assets such as construction equipment, pipes, cable spools and ground support equipment.

Onboard Bluetooth® Low Energy for indoor positioning via several different techniques, including sBeacon integration to HID Bluzone™.

Key Features

  • Typically used for tracking across large areas such as laydown yards, airports and outdoor warehouses
  • Highly rugged, IP68 designed to withstand harsh industrial environments
  • Replaceable specialist high-capacity AA cells providing 5.2Ah of battery capacity
  • Bright LED & buzzer help quickly identify individual assets

HID can customize Sense Asset+ Industrial devices to fit your unique requirements. 

  • Multi-constellation GNSS for outdoor positioning
  • Power-efficient LoRaWAN providing long-range connectivity for wide area coverage
  • Onboard Bluetooth Low Energy for indoor positioning via several different techniques
HID® Sense Asset+ Industrial
HID® Sense Asset+ Industrial
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