HID® Sentry PCB Tag™ RFID Tags

Highly configurable, PCB based RFID tags
HID Sentry PCB Tag family

HID Sentry PCB tags are small footprint, low profile, RFID tags that provide exemplary read range for tags that are so small in size and have minimal ergonomic impact.

Because of its low profile, it is unlikely to be dislodged by rough handling when applied to assets like weapons, hand tools and other small metal parts.

The unique construction of these tags provides a very high level of impact, vibration and temperature resistance. Sentry tags are also resistant to a very wide range of chemicals and have an ingress protection rating of IP 68. Sentry products can easily be adapted for applications involving over-molding and over-spraying or embedding in metal.

The optionally available Sentry Pro version of some models features a reinforced design and adhesive sticker to support over 1,000 autoclave sterilization cycles (~138°C), which is more than what most tagged instruments need to endure in terms of repeated extreme temperature cycling.

Sentry Instrument is a special variant with an ultra-low profile optimized for long metallic tools like medical instruments or scissors.

e-Module transponders provide high frequency (HF) coils in a robust housing, to withstand the high heat manufacturing processes of special finished tags.

Key Features

  • High performance — Small hard tags with great read range when mounted on metal (UHF)
  • Rugged— Tolerates repeated exposure to high temperatures, vibration and impact
  • Autoclave-resistant — Pro models survive over 1,000 autoclave disinfections

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  • Includes latest Impinj chipsets, optimized for EU or US (UHF versions)
  • Reads distances up to 33 ft (10 m)
  • Provides outstanding size-to-performance ratio with small footprint and low profile

For more detailed specifications, please download the datasheet.

HID Sentry Instrument Tag family
HID Sentry Instrument Tag on scissors
HID Sentry PCB Pro Tag family
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