HID® Seos® Essential + Prox™

The Essential Credential for Simple, Low-Frequency Card Migrations
HID Seos Essential + Prox

HID Global’s Seos Essential + Prox card is designed to be an economical solution that enables security system owners to migrate from legacy, low-frequency 125kHz-based systems, to a modern and secure credential technology.

Seos Essential cards provide trusted management of secure identities within the SIO®-enabled HID Signo® and iCLASS® SE™ reader platforms. This powerful credential technology is built to deliver superior data integrity and privacy protection by leveraging the latest cryptographic algorithms and security techniques. Additionally, a secure messaging protocol is also used to protect data transmission between card and reader.

Key Features:

  • Highly secure — Like all Seos credentials, Seos Essential is Secure Identity Object® (SIO)-enabled, which allows for multi-layered security beyond card technology and the protection of identity data from unauthorized access
  • Simplified, cost-effective migration — Support for read/write identification is provided using 125 kHz contactless technology to enable migration from legacy 125 kHz credential technologies
  • Convenient — Fully supported by HID Signo, iCLASS SE, multiCLASS® SE, HID Prox and Indala® reader platforms
  • Heightened privacy protection — Seos Essential offers best-in-class data and privacy protection by incorporating mutual authentication and secure messaging mechanisms into stringent best practices for data protection

Seos Part Number Series: 551 — for more detailed information see datasheet.