HID® IdenTrust® TrustID™ Digital Certificates

Digital Identities to protect access to your important resources
HID IdenTrust TrustID Digital Certificates

HID IdenTrust TrustID digital certificates allow organizations to provide digital credentials that secure access to websites or applications with strong, two-factor authentication. These digital certificates also support advanced security use cases, including email encryption and digital signing capabilities.

HID IdenTrust TrustID digital certificates are ideal for:

  • Organizations that need to provide secure credentials to their employees, contractors, partners and vendors to protect access to the organization’s facilities, IT systems and applications across multiple organizations.
  • Organizations that need to secure their website and web applications to ensure their identity to their customers.
  • Organizations that need the functionality, but don’t want to build the infrastructure to issue and support these credentials themselves.
  • Organizations that need to provide their employees a digital identity that is trusted by all major operating systems and web browsers across the world.
  • Individuals who are not affiliated with an organization and who want to secure email communications and/or digital personal documents.

As an alternative to deploying a costly Public Key Infrastructure, HID offers your organization a turn-key solution that allows your users to obtain trusted certificates directly from our website. Or, we can provide a service that allows your organization to control the entire certificate provisioning process.

HID IdenTrust TrustID digital credentials allow individuals and organizations to reap the security benefits of using identity-based certificates without deploying a complex and expensive infrastructure.

  • Two-Factor Authentication - Control access to websites or applications by implementing two-factor authentication via digital certificates
  • Digital Signing - Establish non-repudiation, enhanced auditability, improved processing, and paper reduction by replacing traditional “wet-ink” signing with digital signing
  • Secure Email - Protect email communications by utilizing digital certificates to encrypt the contents and ensure message integrity
  • Seamless Integration – Simplify deployment by using common products from Microsoft®, Apple®, Mozilla® and Adobe® that are IdenTrust certificate-enabled