HID® TSL™ UHF RFID Reader Modules

High performance, RAIN RFID compatible embeddable modules
HID® TSL™ UHF RFID Reader Modules

TSL, part of HID, has drawn upon years of industry-leading mobile RFID experience to design and manufacture a family of high performance, energy-efficient UHF RFID modules that can be easily integrated into handheld/mobile/battery powered devices or small, fixed reader applications, such as smart cabinets, secure printers, smart shelves, etc.

These highly configurable and flexible modules come with a range of RF modes to ensure optimal performance in even the most challenging environments.

The compact and slim form factor of these modules provides flexible mounting options, and is supported by industry standard USB and serial UART port interfaces combined with four configurable 3.3V I/O lines.

The 50 Ω MMCX antenna port(s) provide the freedom to specify an antenna perfectly tuned to your unique application. The class-leading 3117 and 3417/3419 RAIN RFID modules support multiple RF modes including high speed tag acquisition mode, high sensitivity mode and dense reader mode (DRM). Software programmable output power allows the conducted output to be configured in 0.1 dBm steps from 1–32 dBm (1 mW – 1.58 W).

The next generation Impinj E710 chip in the 3117 and 3417 sports cutting-edge hardware and the latest anti-collision recognition algorithms, which enable read rates of ≥ 1200 tags/s. The 3419 RAIN RFID reader module is our ultra-high sensitivity, flagship model, sporting a top-end Impinj E910 reader chip.

Key Features

•  The same cutting-edge, ultra-high sensitivity UHF RFID performance as found in TSL’s upcoming next-gen mobile readers
•  Support for the entire 860–960 MHz UHF RFID carrier frequency range to accommodate global regulations
•  Lightweight and compact form factor — only 6.7 mm thick
•  Applicable for both mobile and fixed reader installations
•  Detailed developer documentation including practical code examples
•  Board mount options also available, with castellated edges for direct soldering to PCBs — contact TSL for more information

For more details, please refer to the datasheets provided on this page, or contact us.

  • RAIN RFID (EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-63) compliant
  • Fast read rate ( ≥ 1200 tags/s )
  • Low power consumption
  • Up to 32 dBm (1.58 W) output power
  • Receive sensitivities of up to -88 dBm (3117/3417) and -92 dBm (3419)
  • USB and serial UART port interfaces
  • MMCX 50 Ω mono-static ports
HID® TSL™ UHF RFID Reader Modules
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TSL 3117 Reader Module
RAIN RFID Dev board

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