UltraCard™ Premium

Composite polyester-constructed, enhanced-durability cards that stand up to the rigors of retransfer printing, lamination and fluorescent panel ribbon printing applications.
HID UltraCard™ Premium

Available as standard or with a high-coercivity magnetic stripe, UltraCard Premium is the preferred card for a variety of applications. Compatible with both DTC and retransfer card printers with or without lamination, UltraCard Premium’s composite material construction provides enhanced durability over PVC, ensuring cards stand up to the rigors of heated retransfer and lamination rollers during the card printing process. 

For organizations that desire highly durable, longer-lasting credentials that naturally resist warpage and cracking, UltraCard Premium is an excellent choice. 

Key Features:

  • Composite polyester construction, enhanced durability
  • Clean, glossy, dye-receptive surface
  • Available as standard or with a high-coercivity magnetic stripe


  • CR-80 (3.375˝L x 2.125˝W / 85.6 mm L x 54 mm W) 

Card construction:

  • Composite polyester

Available configurations:

  • CR-80 30 mil standard 
  • CR-80 30 mil with high-coercivity (2750 Oe) magnetic stripe 

Printing compatibility:

  • Direct-to-Card (all brands) 
  • Retransfer (all brands)
  • HID ELEMENT UV-cured inkjet 

Recommended storage conditions:

  • Humidity: 40 - 70% relative humidity
  • Temperature: 60˚- 85˚ F (15˚- 30˚ C)
HID UltraCard™ Premium 100 blank card stack
HID UltraCard™ Premium blank card
HID UltraCard™ Premium blank Magstripe card
UltraCard™ Premium from HID Global