HID® Verifier™ Sentry 2.0

Rugged handheld biometric and credential reader
HID Verifier Sentry 2.0

HID Verifier Sentry 2.0 is a versatile Android-based handheld biometric and credential reader designed for a range of mobile authentication use cases. Uniquely suited to your needs, the HID Verifier Sentry multimodal biometric device performs quick, seamless authentication in a wide variety of settings — from in-field identity verification at military bases or other facility access points to identity verification within correctional facilities or confirming the identities of travelers at border crossings.

Built with simple one-handed operation, this rugged, durable biometric mobile device provides users autonomous access to an integrated fingerprint sensor, camera, barcode scanner with handgrip trigger, and contact/contactless smart card reading. Simple one-handed operation allows users to rapidly read credentials and acquire fingerprint images for identity verification.

Verifier Sentry 2.0 provides a secure solution for high volume credential-based verification in highly challenging environmental conditions (extreme heat/cold, wet or dry, in bright sunlight or night) with its biometric and credential capture components. Achieve quick and accurate authentication to allow access to verified people, no matter the environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Highly durable, certified for MIL-STD-810H ruggedized standard & IP65
  • Designed for outdoor usage and performance in harsh and challenging environments
  • Simple, lightweight one-handed operation with integrated handgrip for fast barcode scanning
  • Ergonomic design for right and left-handed users for biometric (fingerprint) and credential capture or authentication
  • Easily verify credentials (such as CAC or PIV) with contact and contactless smart card reading
  • Designed to be field serviceable to stay up and running, no matter your location
  • SDKs (included) help developers design their own Android application, including on-device matching
HID Verifier Sentry 2.0
HID Verifier Sentry 2.0
HID Verifier Sentry 2.0
HID Verifier Sentry 2.0
HID Verifier Sentry 2.0