HID Global Product-Specific Warranty Terms HID OFFERING PART NUMBERS: 930184 & 930184-12 for Verifier Sentry 2.0 (HID Part Number: 925258-USH)

(Version 5.1.2024)

Together with the “HID Global Corporation General Warranty Policy”, which is available at www.hidglobal.com/sales-policy and is incorporated by reference, the following limited warranty terms shall apply to HID OFFERING PART NUMBER: 925258-USH; Verifier Sentry 2.0 device.

This HID Offering indicated above has available a 3-Year Warranty and Support option.   

For an additional cost, HID offers an optional 3-year Warranty and Support Plan which provides the additional coverage listed below for the  Verifier Sentry 2.0 during the 1-year standard warranty and 2 additional years.

The 3-Year Warranty and Support Plan is optional, but must be purchased when the device is purchased. One unit of 3-Year Warranty and Support is purchased for each device purchased.  All Warranty and Support Plans are a final sale and are not refundable. 

  • Accidental Damage Coverage
    • HID will repair or replace covered Verifier Sentry 2.0 units that fail due to wear and tear during normal use or Accidental Damage as determined by HID. Examples of Accidental Damage are cracked or broken housings, plastics, displays, touch screens, credential readers, triggers, fingerprint readers, and grips.
    • Not covered are repair of cosmetic issues, such as imperfections on external plastics, that do not affect the functionality of the Verifier Sentry 2.0 nor issues caused by neglect, abuse and intentional damage.
  • Software updates and Support
    • HID will furnish software updates as they become available for device SDKs as well as Android OS updates and security patches as they become available.
    • Support is included during the 3-year warranty period to support assistance in software development and for software bug reports.
  • Items not covered under this Plan:
    • Batteries (beyond the standard 1-year limited warranty)
    • Verifier Sentry 2.0 charging dock
    • Other accessories

Cross-Ship:  Once the defect is verified by HID Customer Technical Support, HID will ship replacement HID Offering no later than the next business day to locations within the United States.  Cross shipment is not available to international locations.  HID will also facilitate the return of the defective HID Offering. The End Customer must pack the defective unit and make it available to HID’s common carrier agent at the time of scheduled pickup.  Not doing so may result in extra charges to the End Customer.