Asset Tracking

Asset tracking uniquely identifies any object without line of sight by affixing or embedding a RFID tag. Tracked assets enable workflow optimizations, real-time inventory or location services and help reduce human error.

RFID tags with unlimited applications

HID Global’s advanced RFID tags and components are essential to optimizing automated asset tracking and logistics systems. Our transponders help ensure seamless traceability and reduce losses, while enhancing stock management and processing speed. Passive contactless RFID tags improve data collection speed and accuracy, making tracking more cost-effective while increasing accuracy.

Key features

  • Hundreds of standard configurations and thousands of applications.
  • Proven performance in low frequency, high frequency and ultrahigh frequency (UHF). Select from a broad range of form factors, chip configurations and memory capacities for the optimal technology that meets your needs
  • Rugged RFID tags are designed to withstand the natural elements, from sub-freezing cold temperatures to tropical heat, rain , heavy snow, and UV rays.
Rugged general purpose UHF transponder
HID InLine Tag™ Ultra RFID Tags

HID® InLine Tag™ Ultra RFID Tags

  • Extremely robust for outdoor use
  • Mounts on- or off-metal
  • Broadband – worldwide usable
  • Screw or weld options
RFID Seals

HID® Seal Tag RFID Tags

  • Tamper evident seal tags in HF or UHF
  • Integrated cable tie – quick and easy to affix
  • Tamper evident for outdoor environments
  • Alternatively available as SlimFlex™ tag without cable tie
Micro thin, robust Epoxy tags
HID Epoxy Tag RFID Tags

HID® Epoxy Tag RFID Tags

  • Ultra thin discs in LF, HF or UHF
  • Highly temperature and mechanical resistant
  • Surface printable in white or color
  • Withstand plastic injection