RFID Used in Construction

Reduce on-site loss and theft while enabling centralized records that incorporate location and status data.

RFID Tagging and Tracing at the Construction Site

With hundreds of millions of dollars on the line, RFID tagging and tracking solutions are increasingly used on large construction projects to expand efficiencies in asset management. The right solution not only reduces loss and theft on site but enables centralized records that can incorporate location and status data, facilitating scheduling alongside day-to-day business insights.

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Multi-Purpose RFID Solutions for Project Engineers

With HID as a trusted innovator and supplier of specialized and custom tags, including sensors with IoT capabilities, construction professionals can take industrial asset management to the next level.

Advanced workforce management solutions that provide data in real-time as workers go about hazardous tasks can enhance safety as well as help maintain regulatory compliance.

From yard management to construction logistics, inbound/outbound shipments and inventory management, HID can ensure you or your customer can find what you need, when you need it, and redeploy assets on the road or on site for maximum benefit.

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The ePod™ is the solution our customers have been waiting for.

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Speedy Services

RFID for Equipment Rentals & Yard Management — Use Cases

HID’s portfolio of award-winning, industrial RFID tags and IoT devices offers a huge range of tagging, tracking, monitoring and alerting options across diverse industry sectors. Our complete solutions offer a wide range of performance, form factors (including ultra-rugged tags for tough environments) and workflows to fit any asset tracking, material flow management or compliance application.


On-Site RFID Rental Unit Delivers Time, Money and Labor Savings

Speedy Services provides equipment, rentals and support to trades and construction, rail, infrastructure and facilities management and other industries. Customers wanted an on-site service that delivered necessary tools and equipment according to a flexible schedule.

HID partner and systems integrator CodeGate developed an automated walk-in unit that can be deployed within a warehouse or other on-site location for collection and return of tools, as well as invoicing, using durable passive RFID tags from HID that are well suited to the harsh conditions on construction sites to identify and track assets throughout.

Result? 24/7 equipment availability for customers on site, boosting capacity yet slashing mileage, expenditure and contributing to sustainability goals.

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Passive RFID Provides Dynamic Yard Management

Yard management and supply chain solution provider PINC sought to upgrade its orchestration of freight shipments across partner networks. They wanted an RFID upgrade that could be easily yet securely transferred to different trucks, identifying different consignments, as they enter and leave a yard.

HID and PINC designed an extremely tough, hi-viz, magnetized passive tag with a 15-meter read range and handles that lock it in place, yet can still be easily removed as freight is transferred to different trucks.

Result? Better inbound and outbound shipment management and scheduling of dock door appointments with real-time capacity, labor and resource insights.

RFID Solutions That Work for Unique Requirements

The success of data-capture hardware devices across multiple applications and markets is largely down to the development of robust, reliable RFID tags that can be mounted on a variety of surfaces that support long-term, business-critical use cases. HID has responded to customer needs by developing increasingly innovative and durable designs resistant to harsh environments, high temperatures and heavy impacts for specific requirements — all within assured high quality and repeatable manufacturing processes including stringent testing that meets the highest standards for enterprise deployment.

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