Citizen ID

Custom, counterfeit-resistant government to citizen ID solutions, including biometric enrollment, entitlement, manufacturing, personalization, issuance and mobile application solutions for passport and identity cards.


Flexible Citizen Identity Solutions

HID Global combines its unparalleled portfolio of products, technologies and software to create flexible, agile and innovative solutions for managing the identities of citizens:

Solutions include:

  • Enrollment systems
  • Entitlement solutions
  • Document management
  • Datapages
  • Cards and components
  • Personalization equipment and software
Durability & Security

HID® Datapage

  • Crack Prevention Feature
  • Durable hinge technology
  • Direct bonding
Strong Multifactor Authentication
HID Lumidigm® V-Series V371 Fingerprint Reader

V-Series Reader

  • Fingerprint + national ID card
  • Renowned biometric performance
  • Real identity verification