HID Design Services

The design of a passport or security document is so much more than the physical object itself. It is significant and symbolic, evocative and iconic — a cultural statement that respects a proud heritage while looking to the future. It is identity, integrity, a promise.

The Design Process

Document design will enable countries to trade, companies to sell, economies to grow and people to travel securely. Being part of the design process carries a great responsibility to ensure that the right tone is set, the important messages are conveyed, and that the appropriate cultural references are used. The images and subjects must be selected with care, the aesthetics and technical features developed with knowledge and imagination, and concepts delivered with clarity and ultimately, trust.

Creative Collaboration

Our team is a passionate, close knit team of creative specialists and technical experts. Our complete, end-to-end design service produces intelligent, innovative, evidence-led solutions. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are intrinsically secure and entirely bespoke, however complex the requirements. We work in close collaboration with customers and stakeholders to realize their unique vision; the entire service is tailored to their needs, while our immersive approach enables them to fully engage in the creative journey.

Designers Collaborating

Secure Document Close-up

Layered Security

The integration of security features is critical to the integrity of a passport or other security document’s design. Our multi-layered approach to defense protects against counterfeit or fraud, with specific security features chosen to counter specific threats. The selection and layering of features also supports public education, recognition and enforcement. HID is unusual in that, unlike many providers, it operates a design house that includes security design experts — specialists in print, pattern, thread, substrate, holographics, engraving and proofing. This means that you have full access to an expert team, constantly pushing the limits of the aesthetic and technical design possibilities and ensuring the effective integration of features throughout.

Reducing the Risk

AT HID, we pride ourselves on realizing your vision. It is our responsibility to deliver world-class designs, on time and to budget. By using a combination of design guidelines, proactive reviews, quality assurance checks and prototyping we are able to remove any quality or production risks, and optimize performance for scalable manufacture.

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