Cloud Based ID Card Printing

Cut multiple layers of program costs, gain efficiency in the issuance process, and easily scale the card office using an annual or monthly-billed service model.


Centralized, optimized and secure

HID FARGO Connect simplifies the management and delivery of credentials by removing the most resource consuming tasks. This evolution in technology seamlessly works with popular one-card and physical access control software, databases and card technologies. HID FARGO Connect gives administrators full system visibility and control while meeting or exceeding the strictest regulatory security requirements.


Key Features:
  • No dedicated PC workstations required for printing
  • Design cards, capture data, & print anywhere from any device
  • Send high-volume print jobs to service bureaus
  • Remotely track printer activity, maintenance, & diagnostics

  • Automatic updates to software and firmware
  • Distribute print jobs across multiple printers or locations
  • End-to-end encryption of all sensitive data
  • Annual and monthly billing options available
How it Works

HID FARGO Connect Platform Overview

The HID FARGO Connect platform meets or exceeds the most stringent regulatory security requirements by utilizing end-to-end data encryption and client side authentication at all touchpoints. By centralizing operations through a cloud-based platform administrators gain greater control and oversight of all activity on their credential issuance system. HID FARGO Connect is subject to regional availability.

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Seamlessly Integrated Card Issuance

The HID FARGO Connect platform brings all your card issuance needs under a single, integrated platform. By centralizing the operations of their distributed issuance system, administrators gain greater control and oversight of all activity.

  • Printers
    HID FARGO Connect is compatible with the latest FARGO DTC4500e, DTC5500LMX, and HDP5600 printers.

  • Security
    Complies with data privacy requirements such as HIPPA and FERPA as well as provides End to End encryption.

  • Card Services
    Manage peak demand by sending large batches of cards to a turnkey print service bureau.

  • Mobile IDs
    Provide additional user convenience by issuing mobile IDs to phones and other devices.

  • System Integration
    Seamless integration with popular One-Card and Physical Access Control providers such as CBORD and Quantum Secure.

  • Card Designer
    Build new card templates and share them across your system with an integrated web-based card designer.