Cloud-Based ID Card Printing

Cut multiple layers of program costs, gain efficiency in the issuance process and easily scale the card office.

HID Global’s cloud-based card issuance platform, HID® FARGO® Connect™, simplifies the complex, reduces costs and brings together all the elements of a secure card issuance program into a centralized and integrated system.

Key Benefits

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Complies with HIPAA and FERPA data privacy requirements through end-to-end encryption
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Allows for the building of new card templates that can be shared across the system with an integrated, web-based card designer
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Saves time, reduces errors and increases throughput by managing smart cards during the issuance process

Centralized, Optimized and Secure

Gain end-to-end visibility, efficiency and security of your entire card issuance process — all while reducing complexity.

HID® FARGO® Connect™ - Secure Cloud- Enabled Card Issuance

HID FARGO Connect Platform Overview

Through a secure cloud-based platform that combines hardware, software, consumables and services, HID FARGO Connect simplifies the operation and support of the entire ID card issuance office while increasing visibility, control and security.

1 3 2 Suppo r t Consumables Status Printer Management Issue Anywhere F rom Any D e vice Local and Remote Printing One Card or Access Control System Card Designer

Seamlessly Integrated Card Issuance

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Securely manage local and remote ID card issuance from a single, intuitive cloud-based platform
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Reduce risks and costs while improving visibility and overall ID card program management
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Eliminate the installation and maintenance of card issuance software and printer drivers
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Enjoy seamless integration with popular access control and university One Card solutions such as HID SAFE™, CBORD® and others
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Leverage HID FARGO Connect-compatible card printers including the HID FARGO HDP6600, HDP5000, DTC5500LMX, DTC4500e and DTC1500

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