Cloud-Based Physical Access Control

HID Origo is HID Global’s physical access control cloud platform that enables Technology Partners to build integrated access control solutions through the cloud.

This platform provides seamless and consistent service while improving how access control solutions are delivered. In addition, HID Origo opens opportunities for adoption of new, more flexible service subscription models while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Physical Access Control

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Trust a secure infrastructure backed by the world’s leading cloud vendors, validated by industry certifications and delivered via HID Global’s service level agreements and support
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Access and manage a trusted ecosystem of cloud-connected access control devices, applications and trusted mobile identities in one place
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Utilize data to ensure a seamless user experience, provide operational efficiency and make decisions to guide the business forward
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Highly Stable and Reliable Platform

HID Origo offers a scalable and secure infrastructure that ensures top-tier service delivery. Not only does this framework provide guaranteed performance, it allows for higher data and privacy protection than can be found with traditional on-premise solutions.

With HID Origo, your organization will enjoy:

  • High performance and seamless upgrades
  • 24/7 monitoring and operations
  • ISO 27001, EU GDPR and CIS certified
  • Committed service availability of at least 99.5% uptime

API-First, Fully Connected Ecosystem

All HID Origo services share the same infrastructure, operation framework, support models and commitment to transparency and privacy. This helps users focus on delivering great applications without having to think about capacity, reliability or performance.

This includes:

  • Full support for HID readers and controllers
  • Single integration, supporting multiple services
  • Flexible subscription models

The platform provides programmatic interfaces for all HID Origo services, including service features and functions to enable partners to develop customized access control solutions.

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Powerful Insights for Data-Driven Decisions

HID Origo is built to provide real-time data that can be used to enhance the employee experience, as well as drive operational efficiencies for organizations. These insights come in the form of business intelligence and premium reports and include:

  • Continuous monitoring of user experience
  • Device compatibility assessment
  • Dashboards visualizing activity data

By having this information readily available, organizations leveraging the power of HID Origo become better equipped to make decisions that increase security and reduce costs.

HID Origo Security Foundations

HID Global is dedicated to ensuring secure access and storage for our Cloud Services as we believe that success is built on trust and trust starts with transparency.

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Information Security

Innovative solutions built by experienced teams responsible for implementing comprehensive information security governance and procedures
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Proven security through certifications and strict adherence to standards, frameworks and laws
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Data Privacy

Consumers are protected through proper handling of data collection and processing in accordance with legal requirements
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Data Privacy

HID Global is committed to protecting our customers’ personal data. Personal data is limited to that which is absolutely necessary in order for our customers to use HID Origo services and for HID to make improvements to the service.

For more information, please visit the HID Global Privacy Notice page and read our product-specific privacy notices:

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HID Origo Developer Community & Portal

Whether it be announcements, tools or help guides, the HID Origo Developer Portal provides technology partners with the resources and support needed to build apps and API integrations that blend physical and digital employee experiences with technology. In addition, the portal makes collaboration and idea sharing among partners easily accessible.

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