Digital Certificates

HID IdenTrust provides trusted digital certificates for website security, code signing, document signing, secure email, authentication and IoT devices.

Globally Trusted Digital Certificate Authority

Deployed in over 150 countries, IdenTrust helps create trusted environments to secure critical data across enterpriseshealthcare companiesfinancial institutions and government agencies.

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TLS/SSL Certificates

Establishes an encrypted connection between browsers and websites
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Email Signing & Encryption

Protects email communications from phishing and fraud
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Document Signing

Applies trusted digital signatures to Microsoft and Adobe documents
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User Authentication

Secures user access to laptops and desktop computers with 2FA
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US Government Trust Certificate

Offers highly secure, identity-based digital certificates for federal, state and local governments and associated agencies
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Software Code Signing

Ensures code integrity on executables, firmware, drivers and apps
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Why IdenTrust?

  • Acts as a reliable and security-focused CA by undergoing dozens of audits per year
  • Provides best-in-class customer service and support
  • Offers everything you need for all certificate types, including public, private and US government trust

Explore the Breadth of HID’s PKI Solutions and Services

Establish security across all your networks and devices using a subscription-based cloud service or discrete digital certificates that solve the pain points of large complex organizations, medium-sized enterprises and small businesses.

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Safeguard your enterprise network and IoT devices with best-in-class Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) without losing control of your trust assets.
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Enterprise SSL Management

Secure every server with one low, fixed subscription fee and the flexibility to mix and match certificate types
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IoT Device Identity Management

Automate certificate provisioning and IoT device identity lifecycle management to support billions of secure IoT devices
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Choosing the Right TLS/SSL Certificate for Your Organization

In a world where cyber attacks are now commonplace, conducting business online presents significant security challenges to an organization.

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PKI and Digital Certificates — Your Questions, Answered

PKI and digital certificates are critical tools when it comes to protecting your networks and systems.

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