Document Reading & Validation

Secure and swift verification of identities, payments and tickets.

HID manufactures innovative devices that verify tickets, read identity documents and take contactless EMV payments with reliable speed and precision. Our portfolio of document and ticket readers includes the entire suite of Access-IS products that enable barcodes, QR codes, RFID/NFC and passenger documentation to be read accurately and efficiently every time. 

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Why HID for Ticket Reading, ID Verification and Contactless Payments?

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Fast and Accurate

Innovative technology is designed to accurately and securely capture and transfer digital information.
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Intuitive product designs and a single point of presentation enhance user experiences and increase passenger throughput.
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Single readers are compatible with barcodes, QR codes, NFC/RFID and contactless EMV payments.
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Our technology is trusted by some of the world’s largest airports, public transport authorities and enterprises.
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Easy to Integrate

From automated gate access to kiosks, our readers are easily integrated into existing infrastructure.
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Open architecture readers and validators allow for an efficient upgrade process.

Ticket Readers, Validators and Contactless Payment Devices

Designed with the customer experience in mind, our latest verification devices read barcode and RFID/NFC tickets and tokens from any media with optional contactless EMV payment functionality.

HID applies the same innovation to contactless payment systems utilizing near-field communication technology that allows the device or card to communicate with the POS device wirelessly. 

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Identity Document Readers

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HID's comprehensive portfolio of innovative ePassport, eID and eDL verification readers are designed for easy integration with existing government and commercial applications. From the OEM OCR reader to advanced full-page passport readers, we have products for every application.

Get To Know Some of Our Latest Readers

BGR750 — Versatile Airline Passenger Processing Device

BGR 750

TripTick™ Halo — Single Interface Barcode, NFC and cEMV Reader

HID® TripTick™ Halo - Surface, pole or desk-mounted barcode, NFC and cEMV reader

Reading ID Documents, Validating Tickets and Taking Contactless Payments Across Industries

Here are a few examples of how industries adopt our technology to increase operational efficiency and elevate the user experience.

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What are the data elements of ID and travel documents and how is an ID document authenticated?

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