ID Document Readers & ID Scanners

Enable efficient ID document verification, data capture and improve customer experience

Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry and Poor Customer Experience

Outdated ID scanners, document readers and passport scanners are roadblocks to fast, accurate ID verification and outstanding customer experience. Copying information by hand from IDs is inefficient, error-prone and creates compliance risks. Slow and inconsistent reading performance of legacy ID scanners exacerbate issues. It’s time to upgrade your systems and kiosks with advanced ID document reader technology to rapidly capture data, conduct efficient ID and age verification and remain audit-ready.

Accelerate ID Checks and Optimize Efficiency

Passports, ID cards, and a document reader

HID’s ID scanners and document readers capture ID document credentials with speed and accuracy.

The result? Compliant, effortless ID data capture and identity document verification you can trust — providing a smoother, faster user experience.

Users will appreciate the intuitive operation and time savings. You’ll value the durable build, deployment flexibility and ease of integration to meet design needs.

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ID Scanners and Readers Across Industries

Our versatile ID scanners, document readers and passport scanners streamline verification and data capture processes across industries. In financial services, we enable efficient in-person KYC to onboard customers and meet compliance obligations. Within hotels we transform cumbersome check-ins to delight guests. At airports, our readers facilitate seamless travel by streamlining the check-in process. For casinos, we capture ID data for guest identification and age verification.

HID’s ID Scanner and Document Reader Portfolio

Streamline ID verification, age verification and data capture with an ID scanner or ID document reader from HID. Our devices can integrate seamlessly into kiosks or work as stand-alone units to enable fast, accurate results. 

HID ATOM™ HID ATOM™ Full-page ID scanner, document imager and electronic machine readable travel document (eMRTD) reader
HID® ADR100 HID® ADR100 Photo ID scanner
HID® AKB500 HID® AKB500 Keyboard with integrated OCR functionality
HID® OCR310e HID® OCR310e Miniature OEM OCR reading engine
HID® OCR315-E HID® OCR315-E USB OCR swipe reader
HID® OCR316-E HID® OCR316-E USB OCR swipe reader with MSR
HID® OCR601-Mk2 HID® OCR601-Mk2 Half page MRZ reader for passports, ID cards and contactless cards
HID® OCR640e Desktop HID® OCR640e Desktop Full-page ID scanner & eMRTD reader

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