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Point-of-Sale Manager Override

Stop employee theft and fraud with biometric authentication.

Secure Transactions for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Fingerprint biometrics are the most cost-effective and efficient-to-deploy technologies that retailers can implement today to prevent theft at the point of sale (POS). Most retailers experience a return on their investment in a matter of weeks because biometrics are integrated into most POS hardware and software solutions on the market — making them a snap to deploy.

Fingerprint biometrics provide proof of presence, irrefutably linking individuals to their transactions. Because fingerprints cannot be shared, lost or stolen, employees cannot pretend to be someone else. This prevents many common forms of employee theft and holds them accountable for their actions. Biometrics (most often fingerprint readers) combat the three biggest shrink challenges: theft, failure to pay and noncompliance. Biometric identification technology provides a convenient and cost-effective way to stop employee fraud and theft at point of sale.

Key Benefits

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Holds employees accountable with a biometric audit log of activities
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Prevents unauthorized overrides by requiring the presence of a manager
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Eliminates risk of shrinkage when voids, return authorizations and discounts are applied
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Meets compliance requirements and improves corporate insights, analytics and reporting
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Can We Get Personal?

There is no silver bullet in security, but biometrics may come as close as it gets. Knowing who’s who is the foundation of security, and biometrics are the Holy Grail of identity management.

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How Biometrics Are Transforming Retail

Retailers around the world are turning to biometrics to curb fraud, track time and attendance, streamline self-checkouts and improve customer experience.

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