Enterprise Timestamping Service

Establish secure, trusted timestamps and authenticate digitally signed data with Time Stamping Authority (TSA) — provide longevity of digital signatures for compliance, financial and legal transactions.

Long-Term Signatures With Trusted Timestamps

HID Timestamping-as-a-Service helps organizations reduce risk by providing long-term digital signature validation across a variety of use cases.

It delivers a digital seal of data integrity and a trusted date and time of the transaction.

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Digital Document Signing

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Software Code Signing

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Mobile Application Code Signing

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Firmware Signing

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Antivirus Signature File Signing

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Financial Transaction Signing

What is a Timestamp?

Create a trusted timestamp with Time Stamping Authority (TSA) using any software tool that complies with the RFC 3161 Time Stamping Protocol (TSP), such as Microsoft SignTool, Authenticode or other similar applications.

The hash is combined with the trusted timestamp and is signed with its private key. 2 Hash HID IdenTrust Timestamping-as-a-Service Hash Timestamp Timestamp Token The client application receives the timestamp token. The client application requests a timestamp for a document or software code and a hash is generated. The timestamp token is recorded in the document or software code that contains X.509 digital signatures. PDF 0111 1010 0111 1010 DOCX > 3 1 4

Explore the Breadth of HID’s PKI Solutions and Services

Establish security across all your networks and devices using a subscription-based cloud service or discrete digital certificates to solve the pain points of large complex organizations, medium-sized enterprises and small businesses.

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Software Code Signing

Ensure code integrity on executables, firmware, drivers and apps to establish trust and a greater level of confidence
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Automate and scale certificate provisioning for every system and device with a flexible, cloud-based managed PKI solution
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Enterprise SSL

Secure every server with one low, fixed subscription fee and the flexibility to mix and match certificate types
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PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS)

HID PKIaaS increases security, eliminates operational complexity and dramatically reduces costs related to operating and deploying an organization's managed PKI.

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Timestamping Authority can prevent such forgery and create longevity for digital signatures of document or software application code.

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