ID Document Reading for Identity Verification

Enable secure and efficient ID verification with advanced document reader technology.

Bolster Security, Enable Compliance and Establish Trusted Identity Verification

Increasing population mobility and advances in criminal sophistication are driving demand for effective and efficient document verification technologies. HID document readers and ID scanners are trusted the world over to help meet this demand by reading and extracting data efficiently from passports, IDs and other machine readable travel documents (MRTDs) for secure identity verification.

Key Benefits of Using an ID Document Reader

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Improved Accuracy

Document-specific forensic tests improve data-reading accuracy.
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Faster Processing

Document data captured in seconds enabling swift authentication.

Increased Efficiency

Eliminate manual screening errors and simplify tasks for operators.
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Elevated Customer Experiences

Reduce wait times and boost your organization's reputation.
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Simple Software Integration

Transfer ID document data easily into third-party software and systems.
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Enables Easier Compliance

Conduct ID verification in accordance with local regulations.

Popular Use Cases

Modern document verification technologies, previously limited to governmental applications, are now more frequently adopted for commercial use to help verify the identities of customers, visitors and employees while increasing operational efficiency.

Visitor Management Voter Registration Border Management Guest Registration Law Enforcement Age Verification Tax Refunds Self-Service Check-In Citizen Enrollment Know Your Customer ID Document Issuance Anti Money Laundering

Why HID Document Readers for ID Verification?

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Consisting of devices garnered from HID’s acquisition of Access-IS, HID document readers and ID scanners have continually set high standards in performance to resolve ID verification challenges. Government entities and commercial organizations alike use HID’s devices when intuitive operation, reliability and robust performance are essential.

Efficient Reading of All ID Documents

HID’s document readers and ID scanners specialize in image processing and MRZ, RFID, NFC and barcode reading. The innovative devices efficiently read all major global types of identity documents to automate the identity verification process.


How to Spot a Fake ID

Our easy-to-use Document Reader Software enables the authentication of IDs by inspecting the biometric chip data and printed security features of the ID document. 

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ID Document Reader Software Solutions

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Enables standard document checks to be carried out on passports and eIDs.
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Scan and Fill

Enables web form fields to be populated with data captured from Machine Readable Travel Documents.
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VIZ OCR and Authentication

Partner software retrieves biographic data from the VIZ while authentication is achieved by digitally interrogating an ID’s printed security features.
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Software Development Kit

Contains all necessary DLLs, sample code, programmer guides and documentation to aid integration.

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How can an ID document reader create a safer work environment?

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