Electronic Visit Verification

Implement security, accountability and accuracy

Clinicians are providing ever increasing amount of care to patients in their homes. With this shift, additional challenges arise. Home healthcare agencies, insurance companies and family members need confidence that care is actually taking place and for the prescribed amount of time. Implementing a secure electronic visit verification solution delivers proof of presence, accountability and accuracy to reduce billing fraud.

HID Trusted Tag Services simplified experience leverages cloud authentication and NFC technology:

  • Secure and Unique Taps – Allows home health agencies to trust that each visit actually happened. Each tap is secure and encrypted
  • Simple Integrations and Easy Adoption– simplifies the user experience by simple tap, web based interaction saving time and costs for visit verification
  • Proof of Presence and Identity – provides assurance that a specific nurse or caregiver is present at the location of the patient to reduce billing fraud
How it Works

How Trusted Tag Services Works

HID Trusted Tag Services can facilitate transactions simply by tapping an attached or embedded NFC tag with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to securely communicate information. This results in a frictionless authentication experience using a solution that fuels more powerful and dynamic Internet of Things applications.

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HID Trusted Tag: Programmed secure NFC tag available in a varitey of form factors NFC enabled smartphone or tablet Branded web interface and integrated application HID Cloud Authentication: Strong authentication service verifies authentic cryptographic OTP