Trusted Tag Services

Trusted Tag Services is a unique solution combining cryptographically secured trust of NFC tags or Bluetooth beacons and cloud-based authentication to add digital identification to everyday objects that can be read by NFC-enabled devices.


Open up a new world of opportunities

HID Trusted Tag® Services combine HID Global’s patented Near Field Communication trusted tag technology (NFC Tags) and cloud-based authentication platform to add unique and trusted identities to everyday objects that can be read by NFC-enabled mobile devices.

HID trusted NFC Tags provide a secure authentication environment not possible with today’s standard NFC labels, static tags or QR codes, and HID Trusted Tag Services are ideal for establishing “proof of presence” to:


How Trusted Tag Services Works

HID Trusted Tag Services can facilitate transactions simply by tapping an attached or embedded NFC tag with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to securely communicate information. This results in a frictionless authentication experience using a solution that fuels more powerful and dynamic Internet of Things applications.

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HID Trusted Tag: Programmed secure NFC tag available in a varitey of form factors NFC enabled smartphone or tablet Branded web interface and integrated application HID Cloud Authentication: Strong authentication service verifies authentic cryptographic OTP

Key Features & Benefits

  • No need for additional readers and other equipment; eliminates related software development costs.
  • Trusted tags are available in a variety of form factors and can be attached to or embedded into nearly any object.
  • Services provide “small data analytics” about each transaction, delivering deeper insights into consumer behaviors.
  • Data read from trusted tags has additional security and privacy attributes that change on every tap, making the taps uncloneable.
  • Services also enable authentication and brand protection, global supply chain management and a wide variety of additional Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
Wet Inlays

HID Inlays & Labels

  • Trusted Tag Eligible
  • Thin, transparent stickers
  • Excellent for DOOH materials
Epoxy Keyfob

HID Epoxy Tag RFID Tags

  • Trusted Tag Eligible
  • Thin, rigid, surface printable tags
  • Can be affixed with a secure screw for "proof of presence"
ISO Card

HID Trusted Tag® Services ISO Card

  • Trusted Tag Eligible
  • Ideal as authentic ID badges
  • Printable or pre-personalized