HID SAFE™ for Healthcare

HID SAFE for Healthcare allows hospitals to automate and centrally manage the physical access identities of clinicians, patients and visitors. HID SAFE enables the enforcement of complex policies, ensures workplace safety and secures data.

Streamline Security With Centralized PIAM

Healthcare providers know that the safety and security of the hospital environment is critical to delivering exceptional care. Physical access and identity management can be challenging due to the variety of people, systems and processes that need to work together seamlessly.

HID SAFE helps hospitals and healthcare organizations to:

  • Simplify, enforce and streamline conditional workplace access policies
  • Automate the management of all access control identities
  • Ensure that the right people have appropriate access, at the right time

Digitally Transform Hospital Visitor Management

Patient visits are essential in an overall care program. With HID SAFE’s enterprise-grade visitor management capability, healthcare providers can streamline the visitor management and sign-in process, and focus on delivering exceptional patient care—all while keeping their facility safe and secure.

SAFE kiosk

SAFE Analytics on computer screen

Detect Potential Workplace Threats Before They Happen

Minimize insider-threat risks and protect your organization’s high-risk areas with actionable security intelligence and reports. HID SAFE uses real-time technology powered by machine learning that collects and correlates cyber and physical identity data.

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Reduce Hospital Security Auditing Times and Ensure Compliance

Staying compliant with stringent requirements can be challenging to interpret, implement and monitor. HID SAFE’s built-in compliance tools provide consistent policy enforcement and regular reporting—making it simpler to maintain and comply with HIPPA, Mars-e, GDPR and ISO27001.

Building Blocks

Integrate with Systems Already in Use

Most existing systems in your security and identity environment can integrate with HID SAFE. The solution provides agents and APIs for applications and physical systems including:

  • HL7 compliant interfaces
  • Electronic Health Records (eHR) systems
  • Health Information systems such as Epic and Cerner
  • Human Resources (HR) systems
  • More than 50 physical access systems, multiple biometrics systems, background checking services, and more

It’s simple to connect and streamline the tools you know and use today—and also as needs grow and evolve in the future.