Identity Verification for Government Benefit Distribution

Robust solutions that provide easy access for citizens and protect against identity theft.

Biometrics Bring Big Benefits

Fraud is an ever-present problem for the distribution of government benefits, leading to significant financial losses. Many states are now turning to biometrics for identity verification and authentication to minimize losses from identity theft and fraud.

Biometrics deliver the strongest identity assurance available by utilizing face or fingerprints — authenticators that cannot be lost or stolen. Biometrics provide a rapid, secure and user friendly way to get the right government benefits to the right people at the right time.

Key Benefits

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The use of unique biological characteristics delivers the most reliable identity authentication and verification.
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Fraud Prevention

Confirming the identity of a benefit recipient ensures that only qualified applicants receive the aid, minimizing losses from identity fraud.
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User Experience

With a simple smile or the touch of a finger, biometrics are easy and seamless to use and can’t be lost, forgotten or stolen.
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Biometrics deliver the only irrefutable proof of presence, making it easy to comply with regulatory requirements.

HID Powers the World’s Largest Biometric Identification System in India

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Leveraging HID’s fingerprint technology, civilians in India can reliably and easily identify themselves from places near and far to access critical government services and benefits. 

Using fingerprint biometrics for citizen enrollment, identification and benefit distribution, saves the Indian government $3 billion annually from fraudulent loss.

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