IoT Device Identity Lifecycle Management

Establish digital trust, automate device provisioning and manage certificate lifecycle with an integrated PKI-as-a-Service solution partnered with Device Authority.

Key Features

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Managed PKIaaS for IoT

HID PKIaaS delivers a cloud-based managed PKI to issue public and private digital certificates to secure IoT device mutual authentication
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Automated Device Provisioning

Once trust is established, the solution facilitates device provisioning and enrollment to the cloud platform, such as Amazon AWS IoT Core or Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
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Certificate Lifecycle Management

When a device is provisioned to the platform, the policy-based engine allows for the automatic renewal, reissuance or revocation of the digital certificate
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Enhanced Platform Integration

The solution is designed with a flexible interface that integrates with ANY IoT platform and services through standard based protocol support

Protect IoT Devices with PKI

Authenticate devices and protect data integrity and confidentiality — it all starts with HID PKIaaS pioneering secure IoT technology.

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Fully Automated

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Easy Integration

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Versatile Deployment

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Seamless Device Identity Lifecycle Management

  • Combines Device Authority's KeyScaler® with HID PKIaaS
  • Delivers certificates to devices without human interaction
  • Provides automated and complete IoT security
  • Deploys on-prem or in the cloud

Explore the Breadth of HID’s PKI Solutions and Services

Establish security across all your networks and devices using a subscription-based cloud service or discrete digital certificates that solve the pain points of large complex organizations, medium-sized enterprises and small businesses.

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Automate and scale certificate provisioning for every system and device with a flexible, cloud-based managed PKI solution
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Digital Certificates

Experience digital certificates that verify identities and secure communications and digital signing
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Enterprise SSL

Secure every server with one low, fixed subscription fee and the flexibility to mix and match certificate types
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Five Tips for Securing and Managing Your IoT Environment With PKI

Though many organizations may not yet have been victimized by IoT security breaches, they must start assessing their security strategy and how to leverage IAM technologies to reduce IoT security risk.

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How to Secure IOT Devices With PKI-as-a-Service

Strengthen cybersecurity for IoT devices by establishing encryption everywhere using a cloud-based private PKIaaS solution.

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